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Support ios cellphone also, you can search "e-welink" in store to setup it for English version;
WIFi control model, no need to program. No matter where you are, you only need to download a APP to connect the wifi and control the cloud.

Two working voltage: USB 5V Or AC 55V ~ 250V
The easiest way to control the rolling door via cellphone:
Weld two lines at two sides of each button of the controller, and in parallel to the NO and Public (like the picture)


Inching: Press Button A to open the relay, it would be cut off after o.7 seconds. The other is the same.

Self-Locking: Press A to open the relay, then A again to switch off. The other is the same.
Interlock: Press A to open the relay, then press B to cut off the A, B open. (It could only keep one relay on among A, B, C, D button)

Package included:

1 x Four Channel Jog Inching WIFI Wireless Smart Switch

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