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18pcs Step Up Down Lens Filter Ring Adapter Set 37 - 82mm For Canon Nikon


Transform caliber adapter ring, it can be installed in front of the lens to achieve different diameter share the same lens diameter filter, hood, additional lens or other accessories to achieve the purpose of increasing the lens diameter.
the adapter ring is aluminum alloy, black, durable; small-diameter outer thread (connection end of the lens), a large-diameter internal thread (take a variety of the same caliber filters UV, CPL, starlight mirror, gray mirror, close-up lens hood, etc).
lightweight and portable, easy to install, and can save money, others can also improve some of the hidden corners of the problem;
Ring is a small to big conversion caliber adapter ring.
Universal For Nikon, Canon

Package Included:

18 x Lens Filter Ring Adapter                                            

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