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UV Ultra Violet Filter Lens Protector 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm For Camera Canon Nikon Sony DSLR


UV mirror is called the UV filter, namely, ultra violet. usually colorless, transparent, but some, because the added coating under a certain angle to watch will present the purple or purple-red. Many people buy UV lens to protect the delicate lens coating, actually this is only a subsidiary function. UV mirror's main function is used to absorb under 400 nm wavelength ultraviolet light, and other visible/ invisible are not filtering function. It's able to filter ultraviolet because lenes contain lead, so the UV mirror compared with other same size and thickness of the lens to be heavier. 
Size: 52mm/55mm/58mm/62mm/67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm
UV Protective Filter: Prevents loss of sharpness and concrast by filtering out UV rays and Haze; Protects lens from scratches, scuffs and smudges.

Package included:

1 X UV Filter


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