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4.2V 800mAh 18650 Universal Dual Fixed Slot Battery Charger


Universal Charger of Lithium Battery 18650 26650 Dual Slot.
There are anti Reverse Function, when the positive and negative Polarity of the Charger, Automatic Protection, stop Charging, to avoid accidents, avoid Overload of the battery.
Anti overvoltage and protection against overvoltage, when it is too high the Output Current and Voltage, the Charger will work to prevent accidents.
Suitable for the Rechargeable Lithium double Battery .


Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Input Parameters: 110v-240v
Output parameters: 4.2V
Load Current:1a
AC: 50 / 60Hz
DC: 1000mA
Color: Black
Size: US:  8x10.5cm / 3.14 x4.13 inch
USA: 8x10.5cm / 3.14 x4.13 inch
Suitable for : 22650 18650 16430 14500 battery

Package included:

1 x Charger Battery (Battery not included)



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